St. Matthias Youth Group

St. Matthias Youth Group regularly meets each Sunday at 5:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  We bake our own individual pizzas (dough, sauce, cheese provided...bring your favorite toppings) and  learn fast-paced, amazing stories from the Bible and how they apply to our lives today.  If you are in the 6-12th grades, want to know more about the Bible, and love pizza/cookies, plan to join us for food, fellowship, and fun!   Bring a friend!!! 🍕🍪

The youth group began an in-depth series of study titled The Story January 14, 2018, and continues this fall/winter.



Pizza & Cookies

The Youth Group starts the meetings by making pizza and cookies!  Each member brings their own toppings for their personal homemade pizza.

THE STORY walks through the entire Canon of Scripture, bringing the grand narrative in view.  The Word comes alive in this great teaching series.