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Easter - Holy Eucharist

Readings:  Isaiah 25:6-9          Psalm 118:14-17, 22-24          Acts 10:34-43        Mark 16:1-8

Hymns: Processional  #85 Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Gradual #89 At the Lamb's High Feast, Offertory #87 Welcome, Happy Morning!, Communion #98 That Easter Day & #94 (tune #2) Come, ye Faithful, Recessional #90 He is Risen, He is Risen!


     Crucifer:  Hailey Isgett          Server:  Bubba Davis          Gospel Book:  Vivian Bryant

     Torch Bearers:  Emily Isgett and Matthew Levasseur

LEM:  Gill Frierson & Chester Field

Lay Reader:  Pamela Gardiner